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Palimpsest Lenormand 2nd edition

Triomphes de Paris fac-simile

modernly printed version

Limited stocks.

Miniature size 6cm x 4cm, reproduction is about 90% of the original size reproduction (i.e there are smaller margins)

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Triomphes MMXII

limited edition of 200 copies for this decks inspired by Jacque Vieville trumps sequence. Some cards were also inspired by actual people who were portrayed in the cards, such as Enrique Enriquez (le bateleur), Mary K. Greer (la papesse), Charly Alverda (l'étoile).

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36 strategies 2nd edition

a strategic decision making tool based on a Chinese classic. This second edition features extra cards detailling innovative reading techniques. more info...

Triomphes de Paris - original handmade deck


handmade and numbered. Limited serie of 32 decks. last copies available.

  • Cards : two sheets.
  • Cards number: 25 (22 trumps + title card + serial number card ) & an unglued signed card.
  • Dimensions : 9cm x 6 cm.
  • Front : fine arts quality blockprinting paper (Velin d'Arches, Rives BFK, Lanaquarelle, etc... , according to stocks).
  • Back : ecological Maki paper, "Natural" 330gr (chlorine free, non toxic, made in Lubéron, France).
  • Glue : homemade with vegetable material.
  • Enveloppe (wrapping paper) : handprinted.
  • No animal products, nor toxic varnishes, nor chemical glues, nor aerosols used.
  • No booklet.

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Triomphes de Paris TIRES A PART

uncut sheets, signed, unnumbered

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Palimpsest Lenormand

first edition.

A « Lenormand style » oracle deck, drawn on a standard playing card deck, reproduced in this 36 cartes cards deck.

First edition sold out.

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Published on  May 16th, 2017