Triomphes de Paris - original

This was a bet, gambling with feasibility : was it possible to create cards in the XVIIth century way without the help of modern techniques ? From this idea were born the Triomphes de Paris. The pack is made of 22 cards (plus a title card and a number card) - each one of them engraved and blockprinted for each copy - based on the Jacques Vieville's tarot trumps serie (or « major arcana » in the occultist terms).

This first original creation, for which each card was engraved, and each copy printed, assembled and finished by hand in the closest way possible to ancient cardmakers methods, led to the creation of this website and the other cards you can find here.

The original version has been declined as a modernly printed (and cheaper) fac-simile version available on this website.

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Other texts downloadable as PDF files :

A text written by Charly Alverda published and distributed for the exhibition « Tarot in 22 trumps ». (in French)

« Coup d'œil sur les Triomphes de Paris », by Jérôme Coulomb. (in French)

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Published on  May 16th, 2017