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The Triomphes MMXII < Triomphes de Paris -

The Triomphes MMXII

Limited 200 copies edition

The Triomphes MMXII are a serie of Tarot Trumps once again inspired by the ancient master cardmaker Jacques Viéville's work, they are a counterpoint to my previous traditional engraved work. Those original drawings are made on a graphics tablet with an obviously more free approach. Certain actual people agreed to be portrayed in certain cards - thank you !

The deck features the usual 22 tarot trumps, plus the title card and an extra "neutral" card, that may be used as a significator card, or a secret card, or may replace a repeating card in drawings method where a this may happen, it may even be useful to sleight of hands artists who'd like to use this pack for some "bizarre magic" routines.

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Published on  May 16th, 2017

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